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my freddie mercury website

Posted by solariss - January 8th, 2011

Hey there!

If you are interested in QUEEN and FREDDIE MERCURY I have an extensive site about him and the group:) with many informations, interpretations, pictures and extras:D - I run it since 2006:) I would be very happy if you could visit it :D
have a nice day everyone:D


Comments (3)

Whoa O_o. That's a lot of info. Never knew Freddie Mercury was in Queen xD, even though I love Queen myself. More of the love, the music-type of person, not that interested in who they are specifically.

For the site, I would recommend a more organized formatting, having everything centered seems kind of unprofessional (although I'm not a web designer, so I'm not too sure about that). The top table of contents could probably be organized better. Maybe chronological order? I suspect that it's chronological going left to right, top to bottom, but I'm not too sure about it.

Also, since you love Queen so much, you should do a cover on their songs! Dunno, seemed like a good idea in my brain when I saw your post, although it might be cuz i want to try making covers one day too :)

Hello! Thank you for your review and feedback:) yes that is chronological order:). And I sadly do not have special editing software so I made it rather basic in Microsoft Word.
:D I sing in a band and "Bohemian Rhapsody" is a standard we play:D http://www.myspace.com/dariarock
Many greetings from Vienna:D

always liked"Don't Stop Me Now over that though :\. My top two are Don't Stop and Somebody to love :). Next would prolly be Princes of the Universe.

Crap double comment >_< but i wrote the other before listening to your band. I think you need to work on the recording. It sounds like the sound is "blunted" but otherwise it's pretty good. You put your own style into your singing (i.e Fading, accenting, etc.), although I think the rest of your band should also develop a style along with yours for their playing since the instrumentals sound more like the standard Bohemian Rhapsody.